Hannah Campbell is an artist from Melbourne.

She is a warm, discerning, and joyfully real story teller. Her style of indie-folk-pop draws people in with echoes of folky acoustic roots, and it keeps them around with her moving lyrics and catchy melodies. She writes to unpack stories of herself and her loved ones, failings and hopefulness, desire and emotional vacancy, and all the other sticky life bits that are hard to talk about.


In November 2017 Hannah released her debut EP ‘For Your Love’, a four track diary of late nights and wine, long days in the sunshine, sorrow, and love of the past four years. Her release campaign went from strength to strength, with her her debut single ‘For Your Love’ being playlisted on Spotify, a successful launch at the Workers Club in Fitzroy, and track one of the EP, ‘Sunshine’ being synced to NAB’s Social Media campaign ‘Little Steps’, for environmental sustainability.


Hannah Campbell is community minded, and a fierce feminist. She brings these things together in an ongoing series of fundraising events called SHE PARTY, where female singer songwriters and bands are celebrated on stage, while funds are raised for organisations that support women, like White Ribbon Australia and The International Women’s Development Agency.


Hannah is back into production for her next release, which is schedule to drop mid 2018.


RLW release date.jpg