Hannah Campbell is an artist from Melbourne.


Hannah is a warm, discerning, and joyfully vulnerable story teller hailing from Melbourne, Victoria. Her style of indie-folk echoes of folky acoustic roots whereby she writes to unpack stories of herself and her loved ones, of failings and hopefulness, of desire and emotional vacancy, and some unspoken truths in-between.

In 2017 Hannah released her debut EP ‘For Your Love’ - a landmark EP for her development as an artist and a human. Track one of the EP, ‘Sunshine’ was synced to NAB’s Social Media campaign ‘Little Steps’, for environmental sustainability.

Her latest single Run Like Wolves commands; human connection, support and empowerment in which femininity orbits strength in vulnerability, weighing joy with grief in equal measures, and empowerment, rather than judgement.

Listen to Run Like Wolves!

Hannah is back into production for her next release, which is schedule to drop late 2018.